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2022 Tackle Football


The Dunlap JFL tackle program teaches fundamentals, sportsmanship and fun.  The Tackle program is open to participants age 8, by September 1 of the current year to age 14.

The divisions are aged based with 8U, 9U, 10U & 11U that all play games on Saturdays. 

The 12U & 14U divisions play on Sundays.

We do have ball carrier weight restrictions to help increase the safety of our players.  The NBC rules are; 8YO-80lbs, 9U-90lbs, 10U-100lbs, 11U-115lbs, 12U-135lbs and 14U-155lbs

Practice Schedules:

These are left up to each individual Head Coach up.  Practice will be at North Park and usually fall between 5:30 and 7:20.  Before Labor Day your team MIGHT practice 5 days a week and typically fall to a 3 day a week practice after Labor Day.  


  • Please have them at practice 15 minutes early to allow enough time to be ready and dressed as soon as practice starts.  We begin practice with stretches and warm ups that decrease the chances of injury at the start of each practice.
  • Contact one of your coaches if your player is not going to be able to attend practice.
  • Playing time during the games can be limited beyond required amount for missed practices.  We prefer not to do this but this is a team sport & an un-prepared player increases every ones chance for injury and the ability to support the team.
  • Examples of Excused reason for missing practice
    • Family Emergency
    • Illness
    • School work
  • Examples of Unexcused
    • Detention
    • Don't feel like going

Remember football is a team sport in which you are counting on 10 others at any given time to know what they are suppose to be doing.  You cannot be properly prepared without learning the fundamentals of the game.  Do not miss practice!

Birth Certificates: If your player had not played for Dunlap JFL in the prior season, we will need a photocopy we can keep for our records.

Registration fees:

Tackle Football - $150.00   1st player
                              $140.00   2nd player
                              $130.00   3rd player

Football Camp - $50.00

Activity Fee - $25.00*


Our fees not only pay to maintain the JFLOCI, but also purchase the best equipment to help keep all of our players as safe as possible.  No equipment will be handed out to any one who has not paid their registration fees.  All fees should be paid online or by check directly to Dunlap JFL.

For additional information or questions, please contact Dunlap JFL at


*Activity Fee can be refunded at the end of the season if two volunteer spots are taken per player  Register online and check in at time and location of volunteer commitment