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Here you will find usefull links and information that will help you answer most of your equipment and safety questions!


1. Equipment:

  • The Dunlap JFL will supply your participant with a helmut, chin strap, shoulder pads, game jersey, game pants, practice pants, belt, hip pads, tail pad, thigh pads, knee pads and a mouthpiece.  (If you purchase a mouthpiece, it can be any color except White or Clear and must have a strap or string that can be attached to the facemask.)
  • Parents are responsible for an athletic supporter with cup, socks and football shoes.  If a special mouthpiece is needed for a player with braces, you are responsible for that.  (you can usually get one from your orthodontist)
  • If your equipment is broken, missing or faulty, please notify one of the coaches immediatley.

2. Clothing:

  • Wear light colored clothing during hot days.
  • In cooler weather, please dress appropriately. 

3. Hydration:

  • Hydrate!  Hydrate!  Hydrate!
  • Drink Plenty of water throughout the day.
  • Have them bring a jug or a couple bottles of water to practice.
  • Limit fruit juices due to high sugar content.
  • Eliminate soda- mild diuretic (causes the body to lose water)

4. Nutrition:

  • Eat Healthy- fruit, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, etc.
  • Do not eat a big meal within an hour before practice
  • Eat dinner after practice or an hour before
  • If hungry before practice, eat a light snack- fruit, yogurt, granola bar.


The following are some useful links!


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