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CHEER CAMPS for 2022
(Dunlap residency is not required.)
June 17, 2022
Hickory Grove Elementary
9 am - 12 noon
Cost is $15
This is a one day stunt camp for ages 7-14. We will teach stunting, basic to mid level, based on the abilities of the group. We will focus on safety and proper technique. Adults will be needed to supervise stunt groups and ensure each girls' safety. We will have trained coaches, and all-star cheerleaders there to show proper grips and transitions.  Any participant that wishes to be considered for a flyer position will need to have cheer specific shoes prior to this camp.  Flyers will be determined by the ability of the group. We will do our best to get any cheerleaders that  want to fly in the air during this camp.  Stunt camp is by invitation only for Minis.
Cheer/Choreography Camp
July 11-15, 2022
Hickory Grove Elementary
9 am - 11:30 am with a parent performance at 5:30 pm on Friday
Cost is $50 (includes a shirt to be worn at our parent performance)
Maroon Soffe shorts ($10 and cheer bow ($10) are optional for this camp
Cheer bow is required for the season
This is a 5 day cheer/dance camp for ages 5-14.  Any cheerleader planning to participate in our full season should attend this camp unless an absence is approved in advance. 
Participants will be separated by age allowing the older girls to progress at a faster rate. Our halftime dance/stunt/tumbling routine as well as several cheers will be taught during this week.  Difficulty level will be based on the abilities of the group.  Minis will have a simpler routine based on their abilities as well. 
Any squad members that are excused from attending (i.e. will be on a pre-planned family vacation) will need to learn their halftime routine from a friend or our posted video.